In countries, such as Australia & NZ, where Agriculture is a significant contributor to GDP, Animal health is critically important. Many of our exclusive API and excipient partners in Human Health also partner with us in the Veterinary market.

Our success in this area is also based on our unique understanding of the market coupled with our expertise in supply chain management, technology awareness and regulatory affairs.

The range of Veterinary Products currently offered by Trapeze is as follows:

Amino acids Antifungals Excipients
Amino Acid Chelates Antihistamines Expectorants
Anaesthetics Anti-inflammatories Hormones
Analgesics Antiseptics Muscle relaxants
Anthelmintic Antiviral Polyols
Antibacterials Bronchodilators Sedatives
Antibiotics Cephalosporins Steroids
Anti-Coagulants Corticosteroids Vasodilators
Antiemetics Diuretics Vitamins