Trapeze is one of Australia and New Zealand's major pharmaceutical ingredient suppliers, specialising in sourcing API's and Excipients from it's network of exclusive manufacturers from around the world.

Our success in this area is based on our unique understanding of the market coupled with our expertise in supply chain management, technology awareness and regulatory affairs.

The range of Pharmaceutical Products currently offered by Trapeze is as follows:

ADD control agents Anti-spasmodics Hormones
Analgesics Beta blockers Hypertensive control agents
Anti-anxiety Bioavailabiity enhancers Masking agents
Anti-arrhythmic agents Bronchospasm relaxants Muscle relaxants
Anti-cancer Bulking agents Parkinsons control agents
Anti-coagulants Contraceptives Phospholipids
Anti-convulsants Corticosteroids Polyols
Antidotes Detoxifying agents Sedatives
Anti-emetic Diabetes control Solubilisers
Anti-emetic Disintegrants Surgical preparations
Anti-infectives Diuretics Sustained release agents
Anti-nausea Encapsulation agents Vitamins
Anti-psychotic Excipients  
Anti-reflux Expectorants